I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We’ve all done it. Another week goes by and you “forgot” to get that blog post scheduled. You LITERALLY had five different ideas in the span of the last five minutes, maybe you write them down, and maybe you schedule them out in your calendar.

But you never follow through on your ideas.

And there’s one reason why you aren’t following through on your content: you don’t believe in it.

Shots fired.

Think about it. If you really believed in your content, then you would be blazing through the content and you couldn’t wait to get it out! The message must be shared with your audience because you can not wait to share!

So, how are you able to create content that was given thought, speaks straight to the heart of your audience, AND is consistent?

You create a content calendar with a strategy.

End of blog post. You are welcome.

“Oh, that’s it, Ann? Wow. If I had known that I would have done this yeeeeeeeears ago.” I know that’s what you’re thinking. It’s totally not, “No S*** Sherlock. But I’ve done that and it DIDN’T. WORK.”

Well, that’s because your content strategy is…disjointed. You have a plan for your Facebook page, your Facebook group, your Instagram, your livestreams, and whatever else there is to create content with your coaching business. Nothing is the same, so you are running around like a pissed possum trying to do all the things and STILL have enough emotional energy to take care of your clients.

To begin creating more content with less work requires a mindset shift. In fact, there’s three principles to this mindset shift.

The three principles to create more content with less work are

1. Schedule your Content

2. Repurpose your Content

3. Batch your content

Schedule your Content

And this is more than scheduling the exact post in your favorite social media scheduler. (Mine is Later.) This is taking the time to plan out your content with “theme” days. 

How I break it down on Instagram is I have one Sale, one Journal, one Pinterest tip, and one Freebie per week. Yes, I only post four times a week (but I engage every day). In my paper calendar, I’ll write “Instagram” followed by the theme day and then the content idea. Example of what my planner looks like:

“Instagram > Sale > Pinterest Management & Strategy prices are going up!”

“Facebook > Sale > Pinterest Management & Strategy prices are going up!”

“FB group > Sale > Pinterest Management & Strategy prices are going up!”

You get the idea. This makes it easier for me to use close to the same post across the board which means I can generally copy + paste across my different schedulers. You don’t want to use the same content everywhere because when you say “double tap” on Facebook…is it sexual? (Leave your thoughts in the comment.)

ACTION: Have a collection spot for your content ideas. Use a filter of your own making to cultivate the ones that speak to the heart of your audience’s pain. Create specific theme days in your calendar. Then, plug & play!

Repurpose your Content

This is the BIGGEST mindset shift that I had to bust. Repurpose & reusing my content. 

Repurposing means figuring out ways that you can use the exact same content in different formats. I start with the most dynamic content (usually a livestream) & move to the most static content (usually a blog post). 

How can I take a livestream & create a slideshow, a podcast, an IGTV post, a YouTube video, a blog post, a Facebook post, a Facebook group video & post, and an Instagram post WITH a story? Honeybun, it’s because I have templates to make that work FASTER. No, I’m not on all those channels, but I know that I could create content & schedule it out to all those platforms. By myself? It could take a day if I do little editing. With a team? Shoooooooooot. There is no reason why I wouldn’t have a regular presence on all those channels.

But you & I are solopreneurs. We want to have a team, but today is just we…me. So, a large part of my content strategy is figuring out the content that does well and reusing the cuss out of it. That’s how I’m able to schedule my Instagram account for an entire month in less than 30 minutes. (I also only post once a day, four days a week, but that’s a different blog post on mindset.)

ACTION: Streamline your content. Is there a way that you can cross-post content? What about downloading video & ripping the audio to FINALLY make your podcast? Create a SOP for your content creation.

ACTION: Journal about reusing your content posts. Does that feel icky? Does that feel strategic? Do you have at least five posts that you could reuse?

Batch your Content

The last piece is to schedule in your calendar a batch day & protect the cuss out of that day! Block it out on your calendar so nothing can take over that day. Make it the same every month whether it’s the 1st of the month or the first Saturday of the month. 

Can  you imagine creating content for your whole month in two days on ALL your platforms INSTEAD of waking up every morning thinking, “Oh cuss, when was my last blog post??”

“But I want to be flexible with my content! I want to be inspired and release what is right in the moment!” 

I understand. Cut that shit out. I truly believe that you can have 85% of your content planned & scheduled while still leaving room for inspiration to strike.

You were having problems pushing off content creation. Was it because you were waiting to be “inspired” to get it done? Stop that. 

ACTION: Journal about your current beliefs about batching your content. I used to believe that batching my content created a wasted day on my calender, but I had to admit that the context switching was creating more havoc in my calender than batching. Now? I LOVE IT. What about you?

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