I’ve been hearing a lot about Facebook lately in the past few months. Have you? Let me jog your memory…

  • Cambridge Analytica.
  • Russian election meddling.
  • U.S. Senate hearing.

Yeah, the kind of stuff that NO ONE wants to deal with in their business.

As of August 15th, Facebook has changed how they are handling Ads & how you can use them to target potential clients on Facebook. If you have been thinking about running ads for a while now, then this can be a hit in the gut. “WAIT, I was just getting comfortable with who to target! Does this mean that I need to change everything about my targeting?”

Yes and no.

Let’s go over what’s changing real quick.

Change #1: Removing Partner Categories

These are categories that was made available through partnerships with Facebook & third-party providers. Facebook could get very specific information about their users & then was able to sell that information to ad users that wanted that targeting option. Options included

  • The type of car you owned
  • Income levels
  • If a person was likely moving
  • If a person was likely a first time home buyer

…And many more options.

Well, no mas.

Facebook has gotten rid of these partner categories as a way to prove that they are upping their focus on privacy. (I think it’s kinda nice, even if there was that one week where everyone was apparently updating their privacy policy.)

This doesn’t change that Facebook still has amazing targeting options. It just means that you will need to get used to testing your ads a little bit longer in the beginning.


Change #2: Adding Targeting Categories

This is the part that makes me excited. Yes, Facebook took away options, but what they are adding & bringing back will be so beneficial to online coaches!

  • Page Admins

    Even down to the type of admin you are!

Uh, HELLO. If you are an online coach & are looking at working with business owners then this is CRUCIAL.

For Page Admin targeting, go to Behaviors > Digital Activities > Facebook Page admins.

  • Employer and Job Title targeting

    These are coming back!

You will again be able to find different employers (companies) & target certain job titles within that company. So, if you know you need to speak to the Office Manager to get your foot in the door or Booking Manager for your next conference, then this can be a great way for leads!

For Employer targeting, go to Demographics > Work > Employers.

For Job Title targeting, go to Demographics > Work > Job Titles.

  • School + Field of Study Targeting

    These are coming back!

Very similar with employer & job title targeting, but with universities & even areas of study. So, if your coaching is for college students who just graduate college & are now looking for their first job this targeting option will be perfect for you.

For School targeting, go to Demographics > Education > Schools.

For Field of Study targeting, go to Demographics > Education > Fields of Study.


What does this mean for your online coaching business?

Honestly, it means STOP FREAKING OUT. The changes are really not as drastic as you thought. The basics of Ad Management still apply, however.

Be specific with your targeting & objective.

Please, for the love of fluffy kittens, DON’T target the world. If you haven’t gone through to think about your ideal client, then you are just going to use your hard-earned dollars as toilet paper. Some key things:

  • Male or Female?
    • If both, then create two separate ads.
  • Where do they live?
    • You could even test different ads for different locations to see where you get more qualified leads.
  • What email newsletters do they subscribe to?
    • Three. Keep it to three.
  • What Facebook groups are they already involved in?
    • Again, three. Keep it to three.

Use these to create an idea of “your person” in your head. Once you have this person in mind, then create an opt-in that they would love.

  • Are they a busy mom with an at-home business so a checklist is better?
  • Are they a man who is single with a day job so an email series could work?

It really is up to you, but really it’s for them. Don’t make the opt-in just to make the opt-in.  

Follow the rules.

Cause Facebook is a little touchy on that subject right now. You may even want to look up the guidelines for compliance with Facebook ads. For example, did you know there is a 20% rule for text in your ad?


Get people to your email list.

This should be your focus anyways as an online coach. There’s power in that list. If you aren’t sure how to start one, then I’d start with this checklist:

  1. Figure out your provider. (Mailchimp is fine to start!)
  2. Create a freebie that generates qualified leads.
  3. Promote your email list & freebie as pop-ups on your homepage & on every blog post.

Once you start building your email list you can then upload your list to create custom & lookalike audiences. It’s just one way to show Facebook that “this type” of person is interested in what I have to say.


Remember to keep your head down & speak from your gut. Your message is what will resonate with the people you want to work with!


Are you looking for ways to improve your ads?

I run Ad Audits for online coaches specifically for this reason. You get a 30-minute video of me going over your ads, looking at your opt-in, diving into your funnel, & giving you specific ways to improve your ads.

Normally, my Ad Audits run for $55, but do you want $10 off? Sign up below!

Ann Bellow helps women who struggle with booking clients to become her own boss by breaking the patterns that keep her broke.

Do you want 1-3 private clients in the next 30 days? Let's talk!

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Ann Bellow helps women who struggle with booking clients to become her own boss by breaking the patterns that keep her broke.

Do you want 1-3 private clients in the next 30 days? Let's talk!

Work with Me

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