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Human Design Gate Change | Gate 15 & Gate 10

Sun in "Extremes" & Earth in "Love of Self" Today starts the 6 day transit with the Sun in Human Design Gate 15 (Extremes) & the Earth in Human Design Gate 10 (Love of Self). Does this mean you should be SUPER extreme with your self-care this week??? Let’s go...

Britney Gardner Her Story Episode 35

Episode 035 on The TLC AcceleratorSHOW NOTES This is a guest episode on The TLC Accelerator with Britney Gardner. Creator of The Badass Brand and host of The Know, Like & Trust Show podcast, Britney Gardner is a brand strategist who helps health + wellness pros...

To become your own boss this year, this is what needs to change.

Episode 001 on The TLC AcceleratorSHOW NOTES It is January 2020, and I KNOW you set some big goals for this year! 2019 was a doozy & you do not want the same thing to happen this year. I bet that a lot of your goals start with "I do (BLANK) to have (BLANK) so I...

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