“I need more customers coming in to my business. How can I create a digital ad that converts into buyers?”

Yup, you started your business & had a couple sales. You have the validation that what you are doing is working, but you want more. More clients, more work, more stability. You do some digging on Facebook groups to see what gold you can dig up, but it hasn’t brought qualified leads to your business. You are toying around with the idea of creating an ad for your business.

But where to start? How do I know that this will bring in qualified leads? How do I nurture those leads after the ad?

Disclaimer: Reading this article is not a promise that your ads will work. There is a lot of art & science that goes into making ads that convert but it mostly is about time. Don’t expect this marketing strategy to give you overnight success.

To have an ad that converts means that it is so much more than just the ad. You have to think of the big picture. If you don’t know what the next step is for your leads, then you can be cussing sure that they don’t either! You have to know the next step to see those conversions.

I’ve got eight questions for you to answer while creating your ad that will convert. Depending on what marketing materials & time you already have for your business this could be a weekend project or it could take a quarter to build out. Don’t feel as though you have to rush it. Remember: The goal is qualified leads over fluffy quantity.


What is your End Game?

This is considered the “next step” after the ad. Let’s say that your ad is going to be for driving webinar signups. Why are you having a webinar?

  • Is it to sell your course?
  • Sell membership spots for your coaching business?
  • Sell your digital product that is newly revamped?

You need to always keep this End Game in mind. Draw out a flowchart of your End Game & the steps to get there. (You can also scroll to the bottom & download my guide.)

Make sure that you have the price figured out for your End Game because we’ll be coming back to figure out our budgeting with this information. You’ll also need to make sure that you create a landing page, sign up form, & all those other little details for your End Game before you get started with your ad.

Now for the ad itself.

When people see your ad, what do you want them to do with it?

When setting up your ad, you need to know what your objective will be for your audience.

  • Do you want them to watch a video? Then set your objective for Video Views.
  • Do you want them to read a blog post? Then set your objective for Clicks to Website.

These are just a couple objectives to start with if you’ve never run an ad before. Personally, if this is your first ad, I’d have it set up for clicks to website with the link to a blog post that has signup forms for your webinar.

OH, quick tip, make sure you have a couple of things in place for your website BEFORE you run the ad: Privacy Policy & cookies notification.

This will protect you legally (remember all that GDPR craze?), but it’s also required to be compliant with Facebook advertising. It’s possible that your ads or even your ad account can be shut down if you don’t have these in place.

There are some more specifics about creating the ad itself. If you want to hear about them, then I’d download your Ads the Convert Guide at the bottom of this post.

Who do you REALLY want to work with?

This is also known as Target Audience, Ideal Client, a Client Avatar, etc. This is Entrepreneurship 101. If you don’t know your ideal client then you don’t know what to really sell. (If you set your targeting as “Worldwide & Everyone” after reading this post then I’m sorry, but you might be dumb. Sorry I’m not sorry.)

Build out your Ideal Client

Think about demographics such as

  • gender
  • service or product based businesses OR not a business owner?
  • Location
  • Are they a Page admin?
  • What are their interests?

On top of demographics, think about WHERE your ideal client is already hanging out.

  • What Facebook pages do they like?
  • Which Instagram accounts do they engage with?
  • What newsletters have they already signed up with?
  • What Youtube channels are they subscribed to?

This should be your ideal, qualified client.

What will your lead magnet be about?

Don’t let this step stop you, cause it usually does. If this is your first ad, then keep it simple. Write a blog post & offer a freebie (like what I have at the bottom of this post). Content creation not your thing? Here’s some ideas to research topics for your lead magnet:

    • Look at influencers’ current ads.

Find their Facebook business page & on the left you should see “Info and Ads”. Click that section. If they are currently running ads, then you can see them! (Thanks for the transparency, Zuckerberg!)

A couple reminders, don’t copy their ads directly, and don’t reinvent the wheel. You’ll have to figure out this fine line for yourself.

    • Search on Pinterest, Google, & Youtube.

Type in what your general topic will be. What pops up? How could your freebie offer more value?

    • Check out the LinkedIn Daily Roundup notification.

This is especially for B2B businesses. You can get ideas for content that people are already interacting with on LinkedIn & get the juices flowing for how to twist it to your business.

Once you know your lead magnet topic, then you need to create it! Some ideas to consider:

  • Video
  • Workbook
  • PDF
  • Checklist
  • Free Trello board
  • Market Research e-book
  • Quiz

The list really could go on forever. If this is your first ad then I recommend starting with a PDF. It really will be the quickest lead magnet to create. Whichever format you choose, keep in mind that this needs to be something your ideal qualified client needs to make their life better. (The sooner it creates a change for your client the better!)

How do you nurture them after they download your lead magnet?

Yes, you want that first email to have the freebie that they requested. Obviously. You don’t want them to think that you’re a liar. But after that freebie email…how do they interact with you?

I recommend setting up an automated email sequence to go out with that lead magnet over the next two weeks. This is a quick way for your ideal qualified leads to get to know you & to further promote your services or products. (Example email templates are in the Workbook below!)

What is your budget for the ad?

If this is going to be your first Facebook or Instagram ad, then I’d plan for $5 to $10 a day. Yes, that’s every day. If you want to run your ad for 7 days, then you need to plan for $35 to $70 for the entire campaign.

If you have validated your End Game offer, then I would use its price to figure out your budget. I’d shoot for 10% to 15% of your End Game price. If you aren’t seeing conversions, then you’ll need to check your offer & your content.

I would also test different ads, but don’t go crazy. You could be testing different images, different copy, or different targeting ad sets. Make sure that you give the algorithm time to get used to the ads (about 72 hours) & then start figuring out which version is the winner. You can stop an ad at any point & then start using that ad budget in your winning ad!

How will you retarget people?

So, people click on your ad, visit the page, & then…what? Sure, you have that email series going. Truthfully, you will also want a way to retarget your ideal clients.

Make sure to install your Facebook pixel on your website correctly. (In the Ads that Convert Guide at the bottom of this post, I tell you a way to check that it was set up correctly!) With the Facebook pixel in place, you can now target people a few different ways:

    • Someone visited your website in the past (insert number) days.

If a person visited your blog post in the past few days, then using your Facebook pixel you can deliver an ad to them. Maybe another post that they might be interested in, or the ad to your webinar going over the information in more detail!

    • If someone goes to your blog page, BUT doesn’t go to the sign up thank you page.

This is a little more complicated, but you can absolutely retarget this customer. This is someone who saw the ad, clicked on it, read your blog, but didn’t sign up for your lead magnet or course. So the question that these retargeting ads need to answer is “Why?” You may want to start a video series talking about some objections to your product. If you have client video testimonials, then you could run those as well. You’ll want to run these ads fairly soon after they visit. You could even target them the next day!

    • If someone goes to your blog page AND signs up for the lead magnet

Just think, you’ll be in front of them in their emails AND on Facebook. They are already lukewarm because of your high-class lead magnet, but now they can become a hot lead for your business! Ways to retarget: another lead magnet, client testimonials, etc. Remind them of why they got the lead magnet & how using your services can benefit them!

How do you plan to analyze your data?

You need to remember your End Game. How many people do you want to sign up for that End Game offer? Plan on getting at least 3x that number for your lead magnet. Some people will just want the lead magnet but not the End Game offer. That’s fine. You want ideal qualified clients, not everyone and their grandma.

I would recommend checking on your ads every day, but making any adjustments every three days. This way you’ll know that they are running, but you will give the algorithm enough time to adjust with you.

Digital ads with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, or Google Adwords are all great options to getting your services and products in front of your customers. Just because they are digital & generally easy to set up does not mean that you should just do it by the seat of your pants! If you truly want ads that convert, then you need to make sure you have the basics in place before starting.


Make sure you answer these questions:

  1. What is your End Game?
  2. When people see your ad, what do you want them to do with it?
  3. Who do you REALLY want to work with?
  4. What will your lead magnet be about?
  5. How do you nurture them after they download your lead magnet?
  6. What is your budget for the ad?
  7. How will you retarget visitors?
  8. How do you plan to analyze your data?

Ann Bellow helps women who struggle with booking clients to become her own boss by breaking the patterns that keep her broke.

Do you want 1-3 private clients in the next 30 days? Let's talk!

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Ann Bellow helps women who struggle with booking clients to become her own boss by breaking the patterns that keep her broke.

Do you want 1-3 private clients in the next 30 days? Let's talk!

Work with Me

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