The size of your audience doesn’t matter. Stop focusing on list building. Stop comparing yourself to the Amy Porterfields or James Wedmores. Focus on you, in this moment, with this one person.

Can you help them? No? Then catch & release.

Can you help them? Yes? Then call them to drop their nets.

Yup, bringing good ole’ JC into this! Because I’m guessing that you have more than 12 followers. But you know what Jesus did even before he had one follower?

He took care of himself.

Spoke his message.

Then, he called out specific people to drop their old ways & follow him.

Same thing for you.

Take Care of Yourself

When you are nurturing your leads to become consistent and ready to buy anything from you, then self-care & becoming your star client is first priority. “Do what I say, not what I do” is not going to cut it. If you tend to say, “I’m my own worst client”, then there is your first issue why you are not getting clients. 

Talk to yourself as if you were a client.

What feels out of integrity? Solve it.

What healing do you need to reveal & empower? Sit with it.

When clients sign on with you, expect them to mirror all sides of you. The great, the average, and the darker sides. (And because it is someone else, you will be able to point out their flaws faster than you would your own.)

Make time for mindset checks, healing work, & gratitude. Jesus did this by going up by himself & praying. Your own house needs to be in order before you are ready for deep impact.

Speak your Message First

Where you speak your message & how you speak it does not matter.






Live video.




Eventually, they are all the same thing. You need to pick ONE & dive deeply into it. Show up for the next 30 days in one way. Speak your message to your ideal client often & repeatedly. Honestly, I would expect from a client to have a set of 10 post content that they repeat. Over and over.

And, yes, it doesn’t matter where you speak. But pay attention to the buzz. If you really want to test out running a Facebook group & your Instagram page, then do it for a time. See where the buzz is highest (meaning engagement) & where growth is easiest to achieve. Where you generate the most engagement & the highest growth easily is where you hive must be built. At first, you will be the only one hearing your voice. Keep going. Like I said, create 10 post content that you repeat over & over. Become known for this topic. Your people will show up & they will grow the buzz.

Feel as though you don’t know what to say? Good. You shouldn’t know what to say until you ask your ideal client what they want to hear. What are they struggling with in relation to (what you do)? What do they need in the next 30 days to hit their goal? Talk about content that relates to that.

And let’s get to the whole point of this post! While your hive is small, take this time to know your next client intimately. 

(cue slow jazz music)

What motivates them?

Who inspires them?

How do they take their coffee?

Do they really want a 6-figure biz this year?

Do they believe it is possible for them to achieve their financial freedom…ever?

What do they want in a website?

Do they want packages for long-term relationships, or would they rather a one-time project & hand-off package?

Coke or Pepsi?

Trello or Asana? (Or, the Dark Horse: ClickUp?)

And once that next client signs on, ask them what worked in your messaging. Was it the masterclass? The IG post? You inviting them in DMs & then inviting to a free call?

Speak. Respond. Invite.

Stop Lottery Launching

What the hell is a Lottery Launch, you ask? Let me paint the picture. 

You get a ticket. “FREE MONEY” it practically screams at you! So, you scribble in a couple numbers, the guy at the counter actually tells you to pay a small fee (and you know you need to invest to get big rewards!), and then you walk away. As you walk down the street you begin to think to yourself, “Oh boy! What if I DO win??” And you plan your dream life. But when are the winners announced? You don’t know. How do you collect your wins? Umm, don’t they find you at your house with a big check & balloons? And you know what happens? Nothing. Nothing happens.

That’s a Lottery Launch.

You get an idea for a course/masterclass/membership site/Facebook group/Live video/whatever else people are quoting as THE THING that you have to jump on now! (In the story, this is the ticket.) You kinda plan a little haphazardly (scribble in numbers), you pay for some courses/graphics/schedulers/photos/whatever else you may think you need for a launch (that would be the small fee). Then you work on your mindset (that would be the walking part). But you know what you forgot?

You forgot to talk to your ideal client. (That would be finding out the rules of the Lottery.)

So you are expecting this launch to be amazing & brilliant & people will just flock to your sales page BECAUSE you pinned it on Pinterest but you forgot to talk to your audience. Your small audience.

Which actually makes it EASIER to talk to them! Seriously, this week reach out in DMs to every one of your followers. Ask them what they are struggling with in relationship to what you offer. Then, DON’T PITCH THEM ANYTHING. Use this knowledge to build your content, provide value that your audience will say, “Well, CUSS how does she know I want that??” It’s because THEY TOLD YOU.

I also want to talk about this fear of a “too small audience” being a sign of a broke mentality. 

Not broke as in broken. Broke as in money-poor. 

You knew that starting a business was going to be tough, but you didn’t realize that it was going to fundamentally transform you. 

I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve written the book.

And you hear it from other coaches that business should be easy, it should feel easy, it should be in flow, it’s a spiritual experience, yada yada yada. 

Yes. It should be. But it won’t feel that way right now. 

You are building your freedom to be that way soon. But “soon” is not in this moment. I have to reference a couple questions from my favorite book of 2019 “Unf*ck Yourself“. (For reals. Get it now.)

When things get tough (which they will), you need to ask yourself two questions: What am I wired to win at? & What am I willing to do?

If you are wired to win at business, then you will attract the clients. And if you are wired to win at business, then you will be willing to do what it takes to get the clients to listen to you. 

When you are not booked out with clients, you need to commit at least one hour a day to lead generation. If you want a client in the next 30 days, I recommend two hours. 

You need to release this vow of poverty. Of holding out your hand & asking people for pennies. You need to step directly in front of people & have them listen to you.

Call out Specific People to Drop their Old Ways

Your client is currently operating in one way. They will see you providing value, they will remember that you asked them questions & showed interest in what they were doing. They will see you, see your heart, think about how nice it would be to hire someone like you, and move along.

You need to invite them to more commitment. Think about the easy Yes that you can ask from them. You write a post? They can like & comment. But..hmmm…let’s see at least 50% of your posts ask them to message you. That’s a harder Yes. But if you invite them to take that Yes, then they will know that it is safe to do that.

And while you are building your booked out client roster, you need to make sure that you are continuously nurturing, continuously growing, continuously selling.

In my private 90 Day Launch program, we build momentum towards one big launch with little launches along the way.

Launching your consistent lead generation.

Launching asking for the sale in integrity.

Launching your market research activities without adding to your already full plate.

We do this together to build your launch muscles & create organic, local buzz around your corner of the internet to launch effectively to your audience. Service, digital product, course, it’s all the same. You are so uncomfortable with your status quo not reflecting the freedom you crave that you are willing to change yourself. So you are launching. And with however big or small your audience is right now, it only depends on two things: do you trust yourself & does your audience buzz?

To your continued, consistent, & abundant success,

Ann 🦋

Ann Bellow helps women who struggle with booking clients to become her own boss by breaking the patterns that keep her broke.

Do you want 1-3 private clients in the next 30 days? Let's talk!

Work with Me

Ann Bellow helps women who struggle with booking clients to become her own boss by breaking the patterns that keep her broke.

Do you want 1-3 private clients in the next 30 days? Let's talk!

Work with Me

Break the patterns that are keeping you broke

so you can Stand Out + Book Out Your Signature Service.

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