Human Design Reading

Unlock Your Human Design

The introductory Human Design Readings are meant to guide you towards clearer education of your personal Human Design so you can confidently move forward in your daily experiment.

Meaning: I speak your Design into Plain English so that you can have the practical understanding & application in your day-to-day life.

The introductory Human Design Readings are meant to paint the story of your Design. This typically includes:

  • Your Type & Authority Explanation
  • Your Profile Explanation
  • Your Definition Explanation
  • Your Centers Mechanics Explanation

As time allows, we can go deeper into your Human Design, but this generally covers the first 30 minutes of your HD Reading.

The second 30 minutes of your HD Reading are intended to help coach you through a challenging current situation or a limiting belief that is keeping you stuck. Applying your Human Design, we will walk through how to begin applying your personal Human Design into your life today so that you can begin maximizing your life right after your session.

Currently, Human Design Readings can be booked as

  • a Live 60-min session
  • or written Personal Guidebook (20-30 pages) + Voxer support

 Choose the option below to book your Human Design Reading

After your introductory Human Design Reading, if you are interested in booking more sessions or talking about 1:1 Human Design Mentoring, then we can discuss a bundle option for your needs.

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