On December 30, 2020 we will be starting another Human Design transit with “The Fighter grounded in Provocation”!

Fighter. Struggle. Stubborn. Poking the Bear.

What are you wanting to create in 2021? WHY are you wanting to create this outcome? It’s time to develop your backbone for resiliance.

More on that inside of this week’s transit. 😉

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Use Gates 38 & 39 from December 30 through January 5, 2021 to help you realize that you truly can do less & be SO MUCH MORE in 2021.

Girl, you got this.

(As always with experimenting with Human Design, start with your Type’s strategy & your authority to live out these specific gates.)

Do you want to start using your Human Design in your day-to-day life & business, but honestly…have no idea where to start?

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Your Human Design Type in Plain English
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Hey girl hey!

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