You create original content.

Video, written, audio, all of the above, or one of the above. You are a creator. What was a blank page has been transformed because you touched it. And now, you want to take your content and begin selling. There’s just one problem:

No one sees your content.

(except grandma. Bless her.)

You’ve done the work in creating beauty from a beast of a blank page but

  • Facebook posts are there and gone.

  • Instagram only has the one clickable link and you are tired of changing it every week.

  • I won’t even mention Twitter.

So where can you promote your content like a responsible business owner AND not lose it in the feed in two hours AND be surrounded by inspiring content creators?


Hey, I’m Ann. I’ve created content and watched as it floated away in countless Facebook group threads. I’ve been defeated knowing that my business was invisible. I tried Facebook ads, Instagram stories, but was always picked last until I tried Pinterest.

Now, I’ve

  • Booked out my Virtual Assistant services
  • Stay home with my 3 month old son
  • Am already planning my husband’s Christmas gift (it rhymes with “smellaton”. Shh!!)

I want you to stop being invisible. And we will do this, together, in 31 Days to Lucky Content.

31 Days to Lucky Content is my signature email series where we take your current Pinterest account, create a strategy that fits your content goals, and make it look like you found the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

It’ll be YOU who has the posts that start “I made $10,000 from my blog THIS MONTH” or “My husband is retiring TOMORROW and we are traveling to Spain”.

What do I cover?

  • Week One: Foundations of Pinterest
    • Getting your account set up correctly.
    • Creating Relevant Boards that Convert
  • Week Two: Hashtags, Data, and Templates…oh my!
    • Pinterest SEO
    • Pinterest Analytics that you should ACTUALLY care about
    • Creating templates for pin creation
  • Week Three: TAILWIND
    • Setting up your account to drive traffic to your content
    • Tribes Etiquette
  • Week Four: Activating your Strategy for Lucky Content
    • Pulling the previous 3 weeks together to create your Pinterest strategy for consistent growth tailored to your business goals.

No charms.

No shooting stars.

No lucky underwear needed.

Now, there are two choices in front of you. You can

A. Stay invisible. Spin your wheels. DIY something at the wall and hope it sticks.


B. Join me and other content creators in 31 Days to Lucky Content where

  • we will learn how to strategically use Pinterest to drive traffic to your content,
  • create a strategy of integrity for explosive growth,
  • be able to take the large leap forward towards the life you want.

No rabbit feet needed.

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