When you are creating a money-generating blog, you are going to become more strategic with your content. Fact of life. It’s not that you are becoming a sell-out, it’s that you are being SMART with your time. What’s happening on the calendar in the next month? What is trending on Pinterest? AND you will start working ahead.

When you are creating your content, you need to be thinking about how 60 to 90 days later your content will still be relevant or not. If you don’t already have a content plan for the next year, then start small and work your way up to a full year. (The calendar doesn’t change, honey.)

I create these Content Planner posts using Pinterest’s current top trends to help you make sure that you are still on track with your content AND also planning the pins that you will create to promote this one post.

I also find 20+ photos for every month that you can use for your content. These photos come from Pexels & Unsplash, so I make sure that you are able to change the photo for commercial purposes and you don’t need to give credit. You can sign up below to get the photo folder!

April means that spring is in full swing! But the U.S. is so diverse that some parts could have ice and others could already be in flip-flops. So begin to create content around summer experiences!

Holidays in April 2019

  • Tax Day – April 15th
  • Easter Sunday – April 21st

Holidays coming up

  • Mother’s Day – May
  • Memorial Day – May
  • End of School – May/June
  • Father’s Day – June
  • Summer Solstice – June
  • Indepence Day – July


  • Easter: so family get-togethers, recipes, decorating, your story (religious)
  • College students graduating, finding & starting a new job (outfits, resume, interview tips, etc.)
  • Summer bucket lists

Planning Your Content April 2019

Alright, let’s be honest. In April, the big event is Easter. And since it happens so late in April, you can bet that that means you can create a LOT of content around it!

  • How did you & your spouse decide to split holidays? (Content for newlyweds)
  • What traditions did your family have growing up that you are starting this year with your family? (Content for new moms)
  • How do you decorate your house for Easter? (Content for religious and/or lifestyle)

Just a few ideas to get you started.

And don’t forget taxes! If you are a service-based business, then this can be a content generator to consider

  • Which accounting software do you use? (Throw in that affiliate link! Just don’t forget to disclose it.)
  • If you are an Accountant, what are the top 5 mistakes people make in their taxes?
  • What is your system for keeping track of revenue/expenses throughout the year? (A great post for right after Tax Season)

Looking ahead, you will want to begin to create content for summer prep. Planning vacations, getting that beach bod, and outdoor adventures around your city are currently doing well on searches in Pinterest!

  • Searches for bike tours are up 64%. Maybe you bought a Peloton or you are a serious cyclist, but think about how you can create a summer experience with your bike. 

  • How can your readers plan the perfect (insert trip)? Make sure to create a post as specific as possible. Specificity sells!
  • Searches for band workouts are up 1913%. Dazzam. What are the ways we can use these bands indoors to get the bikini bod of our dreams? (Great for an email series to grow your list!)

  • Is there a park near you? Look up any events that they have going on over the summer & make sure to post that you’ll be there! (Maybe see about catching up IRL with your audience!)
  • Searches for witch hazel are up 305%. No, this is not a potion. It’s a liquid that has been used as a skincare solution for awhile now. (I personally use it as my facial toner!) How can you use it to even out your skin tone before your poolside debut?

Action to take this month

Audit your pin ratio. This is where using Tailwind is going to help you SO MUCH. Look at your schedule over the next week & answer these questions?

  • How many pins do you send out in a day? (Average)
  • How many pins are NOT your pin? (Average)
  • Are you hitting at least 50/50? (Your pins/Their pins)

Yes – Awesome! I believe this is a great ratio to hit on an average week. Over time, grow the amount of your content to increase your ratio of your pins to their pins, but if you hit 50/50 then that’s a great starting place.

No – Decrease your daily pins to a 50/50 ratio. Work on growing your content & repurposing (written, audio, video, etc.) so that you can have MORE pins that drive to the same quality content. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but I would suggest having more than 4 pins go out a day. 😁

This is my Foundation ratio with my clients. We work up your content to 50/50 pinning on Pinterest in your first 30 days, if you aren’t already hitting that. From there, we strategize how we can repurpose your current content to grow our ratio & the amount of pins that go out in a day. I’m all about using your current content strategically!

Be on the lookout for my Pinterest Spring Clean post!

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