When you are creating a money-generating blog, you are going to become more strategic with your content. Fact of life. It’s not that you are becoming a sell-out, it’s that you are being SMART with your time. What’s happening on the calendar in the next month? What is trending on Pinterest? AND you will start working ahead.

When you are creating your content, you need to be thinking about how 60 to 90 days later your content will still be relevant or not. If you don’t already have a content plan for the next year, then start small and work your way up to a full year. (The calendar doesn’t change, honey.)

I create these Content Planner posts using Pinterest’s current top trends to help you make sure that you are still on track with your content AND also planning the pins that you will create to promote this one post.

I also find 20+ photos for every month that you can use for your content. These photos come from Pexels & Unsplash, so I make sure that you are able to change the photo for commercial purposes and you don’t need to give credit. You can sign up below to get the photo folder!

April showers bring May flowers, right? And Mother’s Day and Senior Prom and Graduation and Memorial Day. It’s a busy month.

Holidays in May 2019

  • Mother’s Day – May 12
  • Memorial Day – May 27
  • End of School year – May/June

Holidays coming up

  • Father’s Day – June
  • Summer Solstice – June
  • Independence Day – July
  • Beginning of School year – August


  • Mother’s Day: She only put up with you & your sass for 18+ years. 
  • Summer vacation & end of school year: that time of year when teachers throw your child at you as fast as you will in August.
  • Memorial Day: the beginning of outdoor parties & BBQs!

Planning Your Content May 2019

If you already forgot, then consider this your reminder that in about 30 days Mother’s Day is coming here in the U.S.! Think about content around…

  • New moms
  • Working moms
  • Grandmoms
  • Stay at home moms
  • Moms with 5 kids who need a cussin’ VACATION

Speaking as a new mom myself, you could have content built around DIY spa treatment (or ways to save for a spa treatment outside the house), creating a routine for your family that worked well, or how you handled in-law relationships while dealing with your mom hormones.

Nothing too specific. 😁

Also, fun recipes for Mother’s Day, maybe share a family recipe that your mom taught you, or your favorite lesson from your mom. Why does it have to only be International Women’s Day when we remember the numero uno woman in our life?

Towards the end of the month of May we have Memorial Day. This is our holiday in the States where we honor the men & women who have served in the U.S. military (& more specifically the ones who have died while in service). Through their bravery, we are able to have the freedoms that we enjoy today. So we celebrate them.


Yes, of course, if you have a family member who is currently or has served in the military open up and tell their story! Their life should be remembered & shared because they were willing to do what most of us were not.

…but for some of us Memorial Day is where we have a three day weekend and the weather is GORGEOUS so it’s time to go out on the lake & party! So think setting up for the perfect lake day, what to pack for a girl’s trip Memorial Day getaway, & potential lower sugar snacks for the kids on the off-chance that it does rain.

Is there a tradition that your family has around Memorial Day? Write about it!

And to wrap things up, late May and early June is when our public schools tend to close out the school year. If your audience is teachers, then consider writing

  • how to pack up your school supplies,
  • how to finish out your school year strong as a first year teacher, or
  • when to give yourself grace & play a video.

You’ll need to rework those titles of course. (I’ve been struggling a bit with my titles. Hmm.)

If your audience is the parents who will suddenly be in charge of these children all summer, consider writing

  • about free events in your area (or general events that happen everywhere that can get the gears turning),
  • about how to keep a routine in the summer so your children don’t lose what they’ve learned over the school year,
  • any free or low-cost option to keep children entertained.

The parents thought that life was great…until summer came.

Action to take this month

Look at your Google Analytics for your website. What are your top referring pins? Write down the top 10 referring pins.

When was the last time you created a new pin for that content?

Less than 3 months – Awesome! Pinterest loves that you are creating new pins consistently on the platform. How is the new pin doing? See if you can compare & contrast the new & old pins to see how to better your strategy.

3 month or more – Time to make a new pin! Obviously, the pin is creating clicks to your website, so test out different pieces of the pin.

  • Make a new photo.
  • Write a different title.
  • Write a new description & hashtags.

See how the new photo does compared to the old photo by changing 1-2 of the above pieces. Who knows? You may just make your next viral pin!

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