Oh cuss! You just missed another round of The TLC Accelerator!


What is it?

The TLC Accelerator is a 3-month self-study course + group coaching experience for the ambitious female sidehustler ready to become her own boss in 6-12 months.

What do we cover?

We focus on building a sustainable service-based online business. Applying the 5 Pillars of a Booked Out Biz & the 3 Laws of Sales to your business, you will be able to quickly see how & why every other course & program just won’t cut it.

You will come out of this course having

  • a clear brand message that gets your audience excited to hear from you,
  • a marketing & content plan that feels attainable & gets results,
  • a signature service that you are consistently booking clients every month,
  • a repeatable & scalable sales system so your income goals become your reality every month,
  • & a mindset practice that is on lock so you can begin to trust yourself again & break patterns of self-sabotage.

What’s the format?

  • 6 pre-recorded video modules
  • 2 90 minute group coaching calls a month
  • 1 90 minute private coaching session a month
  • Members only private group with lifetime access to Alumni group
  • Upgrade to VIP with monthly Voxer access!

Join the waitlist above & receive waitlist only bonuses!

(Like a $500 discount to the next round…)

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