The Unstoppable Society

Unlock Your Human Design

Let me guess.

You discovered your Human Design chart & promptly went down the rabbit hole.

The Centers…

The Gates…

The Planets…


It felt so aligned reading your Type description that now you must know it all.

…but what’s the point of knowing it all if you have no idea how to begin integrating your knowledge? 

Winning at Trivial Pursuit? No.

You desire to finally

  • 2x-3x your monthly income faster than journaling ever did for you (…which I did in 30 days versus 2 years.)
  • Understand how you energetically sell best & then use that knowledge to show up confidently & clearly on stories (…which I did, & still book out from my stories.)
  • Feel all that “flow & ease” even in launch mode that other coaches talk about, but you don’t know if you can trust “flow & ease” (…which I only do launches now understanding my Mani-Gen energy & still have simple as cuss launches.)

Overall, you want to become unstoppable even when the path gets hazy, even when your emotions are swinging, & maximize your potential as a human being growing her own online business.

The Unstoppable Society is here for all of that.

Inside of The Unstoppable Society, you will receive unlimited access to…

  • a community of like-minded businesswomen who are maximizing their own potential using their personal Human Design,
  • Monthly Calibration Livestream to educate yourself on an aspect of Human Design so that you can empower your daily Human Design experiment,
  • free PDF Guidebooks to download & anchor your daily Human Design experiment with suggested journal prompts connected to the current energy transits
  • Monthly Biz Coaching Group Calls to make sure you have the strategy & the mindset reframes you need to make your growth goals happen

so that you have the support & community to clearly & confidently move forward in integrating your Human Design into maximizing your potential in both business & your life.


Calibration Calls for 2021…

  • January: What is “Right” Action? (Throat Center)
  • February: Using Your Profile Lines for Self-Development (Profile Lines)
  • March: Becoming Certain (Ajna Center)
  • April: Flowing with Inspiration & Doubt (Head Center)
  • May: Trusting Ourselves to Follow Through (Will Center)
  • June: The Daily Weather Report (“Daily” Planets Affecting Your Design)

(All past Calibration Call recordings + PDF downloads are included inside group files.🤓)

Are you ready to maximize your own potential?

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Break the patterns that are keeping you broke

so you can Stand Out + Book Out Your Signature Service.

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