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Ok, total disclosure, my first thought with IGTV was, “Meh”. Pretty skeptical about the whole thing, I thought that this must be Instagram’s way of trying to take traffic away from YouTube. I wasn’t convinced that it would stick around for long. Take this example.

I go on Chrome & type in “average IGTV channel”. What are the first results for video?

Look again at the sources. (The green text, conveniently.) It doesn’t come from IGTV! It comes from YouTube!

We are about a month into IGTV being available for all accounts. So, I started watching channels on IGTV & brainstorming how it could be used for businesses. I’m still skeptical, but I’m starting to see some silver linings.


Reasons it could work

+Longer than 15 sec videos

I like Instagram stories, but don’t love them. For example, if I’m telling a “story” then I have to break it up into 15 second increments. And that awkward break? That reminds people that time is passing & they will click away.

+Video has to be from external source

I’ve been warming up to Facebook lives. Doing a few reps on Stories has definitely helped me feel more comfortable talking to an inanimate object. Knowing that IGTV is built so that I record a video, can edit (if I want), & then upload to IGTV will help me further get ready to do live video.

+Vertical alignment

Let’s say you don’t know ANYTHING about video editing besides that it can cost a buttload of money. Well, check out a few IGTV channels. Right now, they have a very raw or minimal editing feel. That’s the beauty of vertical alignment. It keeps the video tight around you, so you don’t have to worry too much about what it looks like around you. (Fancy lights, that succulent on the table, coffee mug on the planner saying “You Got This”, etc.) And you want a tighter shot. You want to look like you are about the same distance as you would be talking to a friend. A friend who is telling them in a very raw way over tea how they learned {insert lesson}.


Reasons I’m still skeptical

-You can’t search for hashtags in IGTV.

I’ve tried. When you go on IGTV, click search & start typing a hashtag. It will populate with channels. Yes, these channels have probably talked about {insert hashtag} or they have {insert hashtag} on their bio which is why it’s showing. But maybe I JUST wanted to see reviews for a certain product. Now I have to search through each individual channel to find the video. I do hope to see this change in the future for IGTV.

-Doesn’t show up on Google.

This…is kinda a big one. I love spending time on Instagram & I’m excited to see what I can learn from others through IGTV’s longer video format. However, if I’m looking to find a review or learn from a tutorial when I search it’s going to be through Google. YouTube will show up, not IGTV. I don’t see this changing any time soon since Google owns YouTube & Facebook owns Instagram.


Take aways

So, I think it’ll be awhile before we really see IGTV take away from Youtube. I think it’s possible that we may see less new channels being created on YouTube over the next six months.

If you still want to create an IGTV channel, then I’d keep these three things in mind…

~Do not be afraid.

Get in while the gettin’ is good! That’s what I’m planning on doing. (Yes, I’m still going to try out my own channel! Follow me at @annbellowva to see my growth!) If being in front of a camera scares you half to death then do what I did & start with Instagram stories. Do a few & then start brainstorming about how you could make a two-minute video. Comment below if this is your problem & let’s brainstorm about how you can get there!

~Be careful reusing your video.

So, you just recorded your video for your YouTube channel. You think, “I could just reuse this for my IGTV channel!” Yes…, but make sure that it’s formatted for mobile. This might mean that you need to have it fit “widescreen” with a photo in the background. (Check out Jasmine Star’s IGTV channel.) Or, it might mean that you have to adjust your background so that when you crop the video you stay in the shot. Honestly, it sounds like a lot of editing that may not be fun. If that’s your thing, go for it. If that’s not your thing, meh, don’t worry about it. Just make a new video for your IGTV.

~Where are you directing people?

This is the big lesson. You need to think about where you are sending your peeps. In IGTV, you can create a description with hashtags AND clickable links. Yup. No more “click on my bio!!!” moments. They can be in the description! So, maybe you create a video about a new product that you sell. Make sure to leave a link (or two) in the description where people can shop for the product on your website. Or, maybe you’re a blogger & you went on this AMAZING vacation. String together the photos in a video, & talk about how you wrote a blog post about your favorite restaurants during your vacation. Or, you just finished doing interviews with a bunch of entrepreneurs that you’ll release first to your email newsletter & then to your social media channels. Make sure you have that end goal in mind of where you want your viewers to go next. Of course, if you just want likes or comments on your IGTV video ASK FOR THEM.


If your peeps are pretty exclusively on Instagram, then you should REALLY consider creating your own IGTV channel.

If your peeps tend to congregate somewhere else, then use IGTV as a funnel to that space.

So, which do you choose: start IGTV or wait on IGTV? Comment below!

Ann Bellow helps women who struggle with booking clients to become her own boss by breaking the patterns that keep her broke.

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Ann Bellow helps women who struggle with booking clients to become her own boss by breaking the patterns that keep her broke.

Do you want 1-3 private clients in the next 30 days? Let's talk!

Work with Me

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