Your Human Design Type

in Plain English

Did you read your Human Design Type description, & felt like you totally understood what it means to live as your Human Design Type?

  • As a Generator, reading “waiting to respond” gave you so much satisfaction about how to grow your own business…
  • As a Manifesting Generator, “waiting to respond” gave you so much satisfaction to move in a focused & determined direction…
  • As a Projector, “wait for the invitation” made 100% sense when it comes to selling successfully…
  • As a Manifestor, “to inform” was clearly the missing piece to create peace in your inner & outer world…
  • As a Reflector, “wait a lunar cycle” allowed you to feel more serendipity & pleasantly surprised at how you are divinely guided & supported…

And it felt so intuitive, easy, & you immediately started integrating & saw a radical change in your personal life & your online business. 

Wait…that wasn’t what happened?

You found the description to be confusing & jumped down the Human Design rabbit hole & now you are slightly more confused than you were when you first saw your chart?

I have been there, girl. I want to help you cut through that confusion so that you can clearly & confidently move forward with your Human Design experiment. 

I created these Human Design Type Mini-Courses to help you get that clarity & confidence you are currently missing so you can move forward in your daily experiment with your personal Human Design.


Click your Type below to access your Mini-Course today!

Each mini-course includes…

  • Type 101 explanation in plain English (~10-15 min)
  • Common Pitfalls of your Type as you begin integrating (~10-15 min)

Want to start accelerating your success with Human Design + Your Online Business?

Let me guess. You discovered your Human Design chart, & promptly went down the Human Design rabbit hole.

You know that you could read more books, more blogs, more IG posts…

But you also know that you are feeling called to start integrating Human Design so you can start feeling satisfaction, success, peace, & surprise on a daily basis.

If only there was ONE resource that could help you do that with educational resources AND community support??

👇🏻There is now. 👇🏻

Break the patterns that are keeping you broke

so you can Stand Out + Book Out Your Signature Service.

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